Now everyone can save on their electricity bill with solar

You never need solar panels – you don’t even have to have a roof!
You can live in an apartment, co-op, condo, or townhome
You keep your account with your existing utility
We Solar is simply replacing a portion of your electricity with a less expensive source of power saving you up to 30% on your monthly bill

Tired of high utility costs that go up every year?

Adding community solar as a source of electricity to your household will save you money
Here’s what We Solar can do for you:
Enable you to use less energy from your current utility
Save you up to 30% with lower solar-generated electricity
Lock in a low rate for 10, 15 or even 20 years

Let’s do the math!

In 2018, the average annual electricity consumption for a typical home was 10,399 kilowatt hours (kWh) (Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration)

That’s around 867 kWh per month or 28.9 kWh per day. We Care helps you replace electricity from your utility with clean, lower cost solar power.

When you get your monthly utility bill you’ll see “Solar Credits”. These represent the savings on your bill based on how many kWh are from solar instead of your utility. Your savings may be as high as 30%
This can be calculated like this: For every $1.00 worth of electricity shown on your utility bill you would actually be paying $0.70 instead.

Join the Energy Revolution!

It’s time to take control of the way you use energy in your home (and business).

 We Solar provides everyone with the power to earn solar credits and help the world move into a cleaner energy future.

 The best part is, there is no cost to you to benefit from solar! No fees, now or ever. Having more choices puts you in control. Whatever amount of solar power you don’t use in each billing cycle is rolled over to the next month so you never pay for electricity you don’t use.

Everything you need to put We Solar to work for you is right here on this website.

Plus, because we tap you into existing solar energy providers, there is no equipment to install or maintain on your roof. All you have to do is say “Yes, I want to take back the power!”

Give us just a few minutes and we’ll give you a lifetime of green energy savings

All across America, states are choosing to offer homes and businesses more control over their use of energy and easier access to clean energy sources. Here in Maryland, deregulation means We Solar can save you money and connect you with solar energy providers in your area.

For years Maryland consumers have paid more for electricity than residents of other many other states (15th highest in the nation in 2012). Now that’s all changing with legislation which creates competition and a vibrant marketplace of energy choices.

It’s easy because you keep the same account you have with your utility. If you already have solar panels or are working with a clean energy supplier – no problem! Adding We Solar simply brings more clean energy and savings into your life. If you live in an underserved area or qualify as a disadvantaged business, other benefits may apply.

Millions of people in our state and consumers everywhere interested in cleaner, earth-friendly energy solutions are using community solar, so why wait?

Declaring your energy freedom isn’t complicated, but it’s an incredibly powerful idea.

Here’s how it works:
We Find Your Clean Energy Source
We Pay Your Utility Less Each Month
You Save Money and Feel Great for Making a Green Choice

We both win!

Let’s do this.
Create Your We Solar Account

Signing up just takes a few minutes.

To get started just indicate the electricity utility serving you now.

Have questions? Need assistance?

Click here to schedule a call with a friendly We Solar agent.

Find the Right Plan for You

ou most likely have a variety of solar projects near you. We’ll help you find the right one for your specific needs. Your options are only limited by which solar projects are within your utility provider’s territory.

Click here to see a map of the solar choices in your area.

Once you identify the provider you want, reserve your share of the energy available from that source by filling out this quick profile.

Maryland loves solar!

 As Marylanders we’re fortunate that our state is home to a wide variety of sources of alternative energy. Our state is already ranked 13th (as of 2018) in the nation for most solar capacity installed. You may have seen news reports about the Panorama project in Prince George’s County. Built on an old landfill, this innovative solar farm is providing a model for other similar projects to come.

 The Clean Energy Jobs Act passed by the state legislature in May 2018 mandates that 50% of energy be derived from renewable sources by 2030. To help us get there, more  community solar farms will be needed to me the target of producing 1.5 percent of the state’s electricity needs, or roughly 196 megawatts of power.

So, jump on in, the solar-heated water is fine!

Solar Credits on Your Electricity Bill Will Help You Track the Savings Every Month
That’s It!

Now that you’re on the We Care platform, get ready to save.

Using your utility provider account number, we’ll analyze your average monthly electricity usage. Based on that history and the size of your home, you’ll receive your share of the energy available from the solar energy source.

When your utility bill arrives or you check your rates on their website, the energy from your new provider will appear as a “solar credit”

How much can I expect to save?

Depending on your location and the sources of solar available to you, ongoing savings will vary from 5% to as high as 30% of your monthly bill.

Here’s a quick way to see how savings are calculated:

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average annual electricity consumption for a typical home was 10,399 kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2018.

That works out to roughly 867 kWh per month or 28.9 kWh per day.

Based on the lower rate you pay We Care for every kWh of clean, solar electricity we provide, you’ll save whatever percentage we’re cheaper than your current utility.

For example, if our rate is 5% less than what you would be billed by your utility, you would pay $0.95 for $1.00 worth of electricity. For every $1.00 worth of electricity shown on your utility bill you would actually be paying $0.95 instead.

It’s that easy!

Community Solar

Joining a community solar program provides millions of consumers with a less costly and more convenient way to power their homes and reduce their carbon footprint…