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Now everyone can save on their electricity bill with solar

If you don’t own your home, your rooftop is not good for solar, or installing solar is too risky for your taste, you can still be apart!
You can live in an apartment, co-op, condo, or townhome.
You keep your account with your existing utility.
WeSolar is simply replacing a portion of your electricity with cheaper solar power, we can save you 20-60% on your electricity costs.  Sign-Up Today to Learn more!

Tired of high utility costs that go up every year?

Adding community solar as a source of electricity will save you money!
Risk-free, no panels on your roof ever.                                                                  Enables you to use less energy from your current utility.
Save you up to 60% using cheaper solar-generated electricity.
Lock in a low rate for 10, 15 or even 20 years.

WeSolar Community Solar Farms

For Community Solar, your solar power is generated from one of our featured Solar Farms that share the same Utility as you. We are installing new solar farms all the time, but spots are limited, so be sure to sign-up now to be one of the first in line for Solar Savings!

DC Commons – Spots Available

Address: 3950 D Street South East, Washington DC

Size: 500kW

Number of Available Spots: 100 households

Utility: PEPCO

Offer: 50% Discount, Month-to-Month, No Cancellation Fee 


Henryton – Sold Out

Address: 1755 Henryton Road, Marriottsville, Maryland

Size: 2MW

Number of Available Spots: Sold Out

Utility: BGE


White Marsh Mall – Sold Out

Address: 11898 Philadelphia Road, White Marsh, Maryland

Size: 5MW

Number of Available Spots: Sold Out

Utility: BGE


Give us just a few minutes and we’ll give you a lifetime of green energy savings

Declaring your energy freedom isn’t complicated, but it’s an incredibly powerful idea.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for a local community solar project

2. We Find Your Clean Energy Source

3. We Pay Your Utility Less Each Month

4. You Save Money and Feel Great for Making a Green Choice. Its a Win-Win!

Let’s do this.

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