How to Support Black-Owned Businesses in the Solar Industry


WeSolar’s mission is to bring under-resourced communities affordable access to local community solar and to assist commercial properties with energy efficiency. We chose to highlight WeSolar for its understanding of the importance of community solar in a more equitable energy future. 

Community solar programs, also known as “shared solar,” help to address both physical and financial barriers to the benefits of going solar. For example, many low-income homeowners will not be able to afford the upfront cost of a residential solar panel system, and due to credit barriers or other challenges may not even be eligible to get a loan to finance a system. Others may not have homes large enough to warrant installing rooftop solar. 

In most cases, community solar involves multiple customers, individuals, businesses or nonprofits sharing the investment in an off-site solar array through a subscription model. The energy generated by this off-site array is shared by the community subscribers.

Community solar helps more families gain access to affordable clean energy, increasing community resilience and lowering the strain placed on outdated infrastructure struggling to provide for a growing population. WeSolar, founded by Kristal Hansley, is helping lead the charge toward community solar in Baltimore and elsewhere.

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